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What’s inside Normal Saline Solution?

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Normal saline solution (0.9% sterile sodium chloride solution) is one of the most essential first-aid supplies. It is widely used for wound irrigation and cleansing, as well as other general cleaning, rinsing and washing purposes, such as eye and nasal irrigation, oral rinsing, and contact lens rinsing. Nasal saline solution helps wash away loose bacteria, dirt, debris, and other foreign materials. 

Normal saline solution is also used in the hospital for flushing an IV line, as well as other purposes as per physician’s order.

What is Normal Saline Solution?

Saline solution is composed of sodium chloride and water. A 0.9% sodium chloride, which is isotonic to body fluid, is also known as normal saline solution or physiological saline solution. It is an ideal solution for wound and skin cleansing for its isotonicity. It is cheap and is available in pharmacy stores and convenience stores.

Normal Saline Solution Benefits

Normal saline solution is used for cleaning and rinsing various parts of the body, including the eyes.

  • Facial cleansing

For those of you with oily and acne prone skin, use normal saline solution after acne and comedone treatment can help the healing process. Normal saline solution is gentle for cleansing and rinsing skin.

  • Eye irrigation

Normal saline solution is used for eye irrigation to remove loose foreign materials, such as dirt, pollen, and other chemical agents from the eyes. Using normal saline solution in a cone-tip bottle, you can pour the solution into an eyewash cup, or squeeze the bottle to directly flush the eye. Make sure the cone-tip does not touch your eyes or any other surface.

  • Nasal Irrigation

Nasal irrigation washes away allergens, mucus, and other debris from the nose and sinuses. It provides a better breathing. 

  • Wound irrigation

Normal saline solution is an ideal solution used for cleaning open wounds, e.g., surgical wounds, pressure ulcers, burns, etc. Wound irrigation washes away dirt, debris, and any loose foreign material, promotes wound healing, and reduces a chance of infection. Normal saline solution is isotonic to extracellular fluid. It is gentle to the wound and does not interfere with wound healing process. It can be used on all ages.

  • Oral rinsing

Oral rinsing with normal saline solution promotes healthy gums, and maintain oral hygiene. It also facilitates the healing of oral wounds, and hasten oral ulcer healing.

  • Contact lens rinsing

Rinsing contact lens with normal saline solution before wearing washes away chemical agents from contact lens solution, helps reduce eye irritation. Normal saline solution, however, should not be used to store contact lens overnight since it does not have any antibacterial properties. 

How to choose normal saline solution

Always check product labeling before buying your normal saline solution. Check the expiry date to ensure the product is not expired. Check the registration number to ensure legitimacy and genuinity of the product. Look for the word “STERILE” to ensure that the product went through a high temperature sterilization. The product should come in a clear container so the solution can be inspected for contaminants before each use.

Sterile product will lose its sterility once opened. It is important to wash your hands before handling the container and immediately close the container after each use to minimize contamination. Do not use if the container is broken or damaged. Keep the product away from moisture, heat, and sunlight. Discard unused solution 1 month after opening. If unexpected symptoms occurs, stop using and consult your health care provider.

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