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Did you know…? Normal Saline Solution could Relieve Nasal Congestion.

น้ำเกลือช่วยอาการคัดจมูกได้ น้ำเกลือคลีนแอนด์แคร์

When the seasons change, the cold weather allows flu and cold viruses to survive longer and transmit more easily.

Even though nasal congestion is a body mechanism to get rid of virus and bacteria through nasal mucus, it can cause discomfort to yourself as well as those around you. 

It’s very tempting to blow your nose into a tissue when you have stuffy nose, but when you blow your nose forcefully, the action may cause nasal mucosa to swell, making the congestion worse. 

A natural remedy to relief stuffy nose is to inhale an aromatic oil, such as lemongrass or shallot essential oil, but inhaling aromatic oil does not get rid of nasal mucus. To get rid of nasal mucus as well as provide relief to nasal congestion, nasal irrigation with normal saline solution is a good remedy.

Normal saline solution is a sterile saline solution available in pharmacy stores. It is a clear, colorless and odorless solution, and slightly salty in taste. It is a 0.9% sodium chloride solution, which is isotonic to body fluids, so it does not sting or irritate nasal passages.

Normal saline solution helps flush out nasal mucus and other debris, as well as sooth the swollen nasal mucosa, for a better breathing through the nose. 

Nasal irrigation supplies:

  1. Syringe and nasal adaptor
  2. Normal saline solution (0.9% sterile sodium chloride solution)


Fill the syringe with normal saline solution. Lean over sink, hold your breath, and keep your mouth slightly open. Insert the tip of syringe into your nostril. Gently push the solution up the nostril. The solution will flow through nasal passages and drain out the opposite nostril into the sink. Gently blow your nose to get all the solution out. Repeat with the other nostril.

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