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Did You Know…? Normal Saline Solution is Non-irritating to the Wound.

น้ำเกลือช่วยอาการคัดจมูกได้ น้ำเกลือคลีนแอนด์แคร์

Normal saline solution is not only used for wound cleansing, but it is also used for various other purposes, such as facial cleansing after acne treatment, and nasal irrigation for kids and adults to relief runny nose from a cold or from allergy.

Some of you may wonder why using normal saline solution to clean these delicate body areas does not cause irritation, whether it be your nasal passages, your eyes, or even your ears.

Chemically, salt (saline) has a direct effect on the wound and other body tissues, since it is composed of “sodium ions” and “chloride ions,” and both types of ion are an excellent neurotransmitter for nociceptor (pain receptor).

If salt directly contacts the wound, it would trigger pain from ion concentration imbalance.

Normal saline solution which is available in pharmacy stores, unlike some common misconceptions however, is not just “salt water”.

Normal saline solution is mainly composed of water. The actual sodium chloride concentration is only 0.9% w/v, which makes the solution isotonic to the body fluid. It does sting or irritate the wound or other body tissues.

The solution also helps hydrate the wound and the surrounding tissues, as well as helps promote wound healing.

Normal saline solution is an essential first aid supply you should keep around the house for when you have cuts and wounds.

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