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How to Wear Contact Lenses

Step 1: Preparing your contact lenses 

Wash your hands. Unpack your contact lens package. Place your contact lenses in the palm of your hand and apply a few drops of contact lens solution. Rub contact lenses on both sides. Store contact lenses in a contact lens case for 6 hours or store them overnight. 

Step 2: Putting in your contact lenses

Wash your hands. Place your contact lens in the palm of your hand. Use 0.9% normal saline solution to rinse away the contact lens solution. Make sure the contact lens is not inside-out before wearing.


When putting in your contact lenses, place the contact lens on the index finger of your dominant hand. Use the other hand to gently pull down your lower eyelid. While looking up, gently pull the lens down to the white part of your eye. Blink a few times to get the contact lens in place. Repeat with the other eye. To remove your contact lenses, wash your hands, pinch the lens with your thumb and index finger and remove from your eye.

Step 3: Taking out and storing your contact lenses

After you remove the lens, put it in the palm of your hand and wet it with contact solution. Gently rub it for about 30 seconds to remove any mucus, dirt, and oil. Rinse the lens, then place it in a contact lens case and cover it completely with contact solution.

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