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Why Choose Sterile Water for Formula Mixing?

น้ําสเตอไรล์ Sterile Water คลีนแอนด์แคร์

It is important to choose the right type of water to prepare baby formula and other enteral nutrition formula. Sterile water is recommended as the water of choice for formula reconstitution because it is clean, solute-free, and germ-free. 

Ready-to-use sterile water (sterile water 100% v/v) saves you time to prepare the formula, and you don’t have to worry about water storage container. If you use tap water, the water needs to be filtered, boiled, and stored in a clean, closed container to chill to body temperature before use. Tap water that is not properly filtered, boiled, and stored may contain excess fluoride, calcium, chlorine, and other solute, as well as bacteria which may cause health risk.

Ready-to-use sterile water comes in a sealed package to ensure it is safe and clean before use.

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