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Let’s do eye exercises!


Using your eyes all day to look at screens can caused tired eyes. These eye exercises are an easy way to reduce eye strain and have healthy eyes!

1. 4-Second Blink 

When looking at screens all day, we don’t blink very often. Your eyes may feel tired, itchy, and dry. Blinking is important as it helps to keep our eyes properly lubricated. It is recommended to blink every 4 seconds. You will feel your eyes getting refreshed with each blink. Your eyes will also feel more lubricated right away.

2. Look at the Far Wall

When focusing on the screen, we tend to look to closely, which may cause eye strain. It is recommended to place the screen at the farthest possible distance, and to often look at the far wall or any other part of the room to change the focus of your eyes. This can help exercise your eyes.

3. Eye “Sit-up” 

When sore eyes occur, doing an eye “sit-up” can help. Slowly close your eyes and move your eyes up and down behind your eyelids. Then, open your eyes to look into the distance for a minute. Close your eyes and move your eyes from left to right behind your eye lids. Re-open your eyes to look into the distance for a minute. Do each set of exercise with a 2-3 minute rest period to promote healthy eyes.

Your eyes are the most important part of your body. Aviod using your eyes for too long, and do these eye exercises to keep them healthy.

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